Computerspielen. Perspectives of Play

On Fri­day, Decem­ber 6th our exhi­bi­tion Com­put­er­spie­len. Per­spec­tives of Play opens at Dort­munder U(U2_Kulturelle Bil­dung/Museum Ost­wall). The exhi­bi­tion presents artis­tic posi­tions from the past decade that ana­lyze com­puter games and the act of play­ing. It is orga­nized for Next Level Con­fer­ence 2013 and is open until Jan­u­ary, 5th 2014.


This Feels Great - Music Game - CD Release

 THIS FEELS GREAT is the title of four computer games specially developed for Annesley Black's portrait CD "no use in a centre" by Andreas Schönau, Jairo Gutiérrez, Jonas Hansen and Milan Grajetzki from the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Each game is based on specific pieces of Annesley's music and combines them with the wonderful bizarre illustrations of Hazel Meyer into an unique form of explorative and musical play.

The Lab

Lab.D, which stands for Laboratory for Dimensional research, is a primary facility at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, KHM for research and production of interdisciplinary projects dealing with 3D technologies and investigating space and time as a principal thematic field. We are equipped to assist with conceptual grounding and idea-testing of the projects, also we can provide a limited range of technical assistance. Our scope is quite wide ranging from character animation to mobile technologies and site-specific gaming.

Filzengraben 8.-10., 50676 Köln
Phone.: +49 - (0)221 - 20189 - 281

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Prof. Zilvinas Lilas
Prof. Zilvinas Lilas
Peter-Welter-Platz 2, 3. OG
50676 Köln
+49 - (0)221 - 20189 - 235
+49 - (0)221 - 20189 - 357
Jonas Hansen
Jonas Hansen
Filzengraben 18 - 24, 3. OG
50676 Köln
+49 - (0)221 - 20189 - 238

student assistant

Stefan Klosterkötter